Paris Prints—Paname


An original signed colour print from Sonja Bajic's original #100daysofParis project.
This print is part of a 10 piece limited series. 

Paname is L'argot (slang, a colloquial term) for Paris. Apparently, in the early 20th century, it the fashion rage for men was to wear Paname hats from Panama; where the Panama canal was being constructed at the time. The hat became super popular and BOOM—now you can have this beautiful limited run print in the colours of France hanging on your wall or sitting at your table reminding you of Paris.

The print is 15x15 cm (5.9 x 5.9 inches) (unframed). 

♥PRINTING: this print is printed with fine pigment inks on acid free, heavy weight (300 gsm), matte finish paper.

♥SHIPPING: each print is stamped, signed by Sonja Bajic, and has it's limited number on the back. It is shipped to you in a custom-made decorative box that goes into a sturdy shipping container and reaches you safely.

You can see the #100daysofParis project at: or visit Sonja's website at

All photos by Zach Parris.

All Artwork © SonjaBajic


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