Our Story


The Parisian by  L’Ingénue
L’Ingénue: The Naive. 
Phonetics: lan-je-nue.
Definition: The term comes from the French word ingénue, the feminine form of ingénu. In its feminine form,  the adjective means ingenuous, innocent, naive.


The Parisian by L’Ingénue is Australia’s first online concept store dedicated exclusively to French designers.   

Our aim is simple: to bring to you, each season, an edited selection of high quality shoes designed in France, crafted in Europe and worn by Parisian women. Our selection includes beautiful, modern and versatile designs that reflect Parisian style. We seek to provide you with a personalised shopping experience and refined selection of shoes from the current European season.

Every style is carefully selected at the Paris showrooms of our designers and made in Europe using the finest leathers and materials. Each season we discover and import beautiful French marques to Australia to enable you to appreciate and access the latest Parisian styles and experience how our  designers timelessly create and interpret trends in their collections.



Two friends (one lawyer, one psychologist, one living in Paris, one in Sydney) decided to open an online boutique dedicated to what they loved most: French fashion, specifically shoes.
Created over a glass (or two) of wine (red) and many cappuccinos, Lisa and Natasha created the Parisian by L’Ingénue to bring a few of their favourite French designers to Australia and make available to the Australian market a capsule collection of shoes that truly reflect the Parisian style and sensibility. Their focus is on providing unique and beautifully crafted shoes (boots, derbies, heels, sandals, ballet flats). They personally handpick each style in Paris from independent French designers that use only the best materials and craft their shoes in Europe.